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Where do you haul?

Most of our routes run Midwest and East, but we offer nationwide service.

What kind of freight do you haul?

Most of what we haul is food grade dairy product. We also haul lumber, steel and building materials.

Do you have electronic logs?

Yes, all trucks are equipped with PeopleNet.

Do you allow passengers?

We allow one passenger after successfull completion of the probationary period.

What do you offer for vacation?

1 year: 1 week
2 years: 2 weeks
5+ years: 3 weeks
10+ years: 4 weeks

Do you offer paid holidays?

Yes, we offer six paid holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

How are miles calculated?

Mileage is calculated using PC Miler

What benefits are offered?

Health Insurance - Company pays 75% of premium Dental Insurance
Company contribution to Health Savings Account(HSA)

Do you offer a sign-on bonus?

Yes! We offer a $3000 bonus paid out over a 3-year period ($250 per quarter)

Do you offer other bonuses?

Yes! We offer safety and fuel bonuses, which are paid quarterly.